sonos arc with lg c2 using included c2 stand

  • 19 January 2023
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getting an lg c2 83.  for time being (until move and can wall mount) it will be sitting on media unit using the stand with sonos arc beneath it.  specs look like the arc will come just above tv bezel.  was wondering if anyone has this setup (any c2 using stand and an arc) and can comment and/or post a pic.  was looking to see if must get a sanus table stand or the like for time being...

thanks in advance :)

(and i looked, so sorry if repeat and missed)

2 replies

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Hi @sadpanda27 

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I can’t help with this one, but my posting a reply will put this topic in the Recently Active section again, and perhaps a community member who can help will see it.

You’ve probably found this out already, but the Arc sits 87mm tall (3.4”).

I bought 2 of these computer monitor risers from Staples in Canada for an LG C1 65 “ with an ARC SL in front of it - you can leave a gap between them to accommodate the width of the tv base - and that gap allows the Arc cables to go straight back under the TV.