Sonos Arc to Sony XR A80J via eARC not working

  • 5 October 2021
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I have a Sony XR A80J that I’m trying to connect with Sonos Arc. The HDMI cable is in place and connection is detected. But this cryptic message comes up, which I don’t understand - “Use your TV remote to turn on Audio System in Home” - what’s expected here? When I tap Test Connection, it says - “Audio System not connected”. Try again doesn’t help.



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7 replies

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The Sonos app is instructing you to turn on “Audio System” by pressing the Home button on your TV remote.

Tried pressing the Home button on TV remote. Still getting the same fail message.

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In your TV settings, set Sound Output to “Audio System”.

Yes, Audio Output on TV is set to Audio System. eARC mode is set to Auto. Digital Audio Out is on Auto 1.

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Is Bravia Sync (CEC) enabled?

You may need to redo the entire TV Setup process. Disconnect everything from the TV. Unplug the TV and Arc from power for a couple of minutes. Plug in the TV and Arc but keep everything disconnected from the TV. Be sure Audio Output is set to Audio System and Bravia Sync is turned on. Then run the TV Setup process in the Sonos app and connect the HDMI cable to the TV’s eARC port when the app instructs you to. When the Arc is connected to the TV and working properly, connect your other devices to the TV.

That worked thanks!

I have a Sony XR-77A80CJ TV.  I purchased a Sonos Arc.  When first hooked up I thought everything was sounding good.  Now I notice the dialogue is low volume and has to be boosted to hear.  The other sounds are good.  I have done the reset described, I have adjust the settings trying to improve the dialogue.  I have of course changed to the dialogue sound setting.  I have now adjusted the Arc treble +++.  I am still not pleased with the dialogue output.  The settings with the Sony TV are a bit confusing and while I have tried different settings I’m not sure marked improvement.


Please help with some setting solutions or something.  Thank you, Tom