Sonos Arc setup Help with a non-arc projector.

  • 29 November 2023
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I have a Panasonic ptar1000u, a ps5, a cable box, and an Xbox series x.  I want to be able to hook them all up using the Sonos arc, and be able to get use of Dolby atmos when watching content on my Xbox or ps5.  I’ve found so many conflicting experiences online.   Just looking for a little help.  I thought if I got an av receiver capable of outputting earc I could just hook all my components to it and then hook it to the Sonos arc, but it appears that won’t work.  Any suggestions would be awesome, I’d hate to return my new arc.  

3 replies

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Get the HDFury Arcana and a ROOFULL HDMI switch.


NOTE: You need to set up the Arc on a TV with HDMI ARC first before you use it with the Arcana.

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There are no receivers outputting eARC as far as I know. You could look into using the HDFury Arcana or the Feintech.

Thanks for the replies.  It appears a orei hda935 would  do what I need without the need for a receiver.  The hdfury only works for one device, I have several I’m trying to hook up.