Sonos ARC _ Second Hand but only 18 months old

  • 28 November 2023
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          I have always wanted a great sound system, I purchased the above item from a very nice older man, who was downsizing his abode and I listened and spoke with the person and his use and praise of the unit for a good 20 minutes, before purchase… He told me it had been purchased locally from a well known retailer and his email receipt was all packed away in boxes’, ready for his removal!

           So I get it home and try and find a serial No:?… No where to be found, so I can’t register my product, also it’s missing and audio thingy?….Trying to set it up with WIFI 6 home network isn’t working, as it can find my SSID but wont register and I have no idea what the manufacturers password might be?...I’m in trouble !!…

           It connects to my LG Smart TV via eARC and the Sonos cable provided but keeps swapping from “Internal Speakers to Sonos is now available?.. I want to add to this system slowly throughout the house in a small way .I.e. Bass and another speaker and will be using Sonos direct purchase from it’s website, no more third party… Have I the right to ask for help on this product, or should I try other avenues?...Anyhow thank you…


8 replies

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I would perform a factory reset of the Arc by following the instructions in this article:

Then go through the setup process to connect the Arc to your network by following the instructions in the Sonos app. Before you connect the Arc to the TV’s HDMI ARC port, make sure Simplink is enabled in the TV settings.

After the Arc has been set up and successfully connected to the TV, set the TV to these settings:

HDMI Input Audio Format: Bitstream

Digital Sound Output: Pass Through

eARC Support: On

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Data plate location




GuitarSuperstar and Stanley_4,

                                                   Guys thank you very much for replying...I have actually done a factory reset last night and the product shows up as connected and completed as a device on the LG screen… I need to check “ Digital Sound Output” which I will do...I can’t connect with my home WIFI6 AX setup but I’m checking more settings in the modem /router…I have let the “Firewall” accept 2.4 and 5ghz from external devices...

           Last night when doing a reset, I followed instructions and connected the Sonos to my ASUS modem / router, ( Another Room) I placed my mobile on the bar during the process and it gave me the “Serial no:” of the product so thats a step in the right direction...I reconnected the Sonos back to the TV _ “Different room” to my office and modem / router and it accepted the ethernet connection and then started to change sound settings again as before it was buffering and searching...I disconnected the ethernet and it all stopped and the bar works with the tv?...I have asked the person I bought the Sonos from to cancel his Sonos account on this product, as it comes up, as an account in his email address and password_ haven’t heard back from him??… I have last week set up my own Sonos account to use the app but my email address connected to my account, is “Greyed Out” when trying to pick up the product and connect?… I’m going to try Sonos Australia for help...I do know when I get all the features the sound will be fabulous …

          Anyhow guys thank you again …. By the way, what is the “Button” on the back of the bar used for, doing research on that?….



Here are some photos of the Sonos_ Can hardly see them needed a magnifying glass, seriously...Maybe slightly older than this nice old man has told me??



One other image ...


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Once you do the factory reset and re-register the Sonos as yours the information should update to show you as the owner.


Rather than fighting your WiFi issues at this point I’d run a temporary Ethernet connection to get past teh initial transfer and install.

Once a unit is Factory Reset, all references to the original owner are deleted from the unit. If this is not the case, the unit has not been Factory Reset. If the Factory Reset unit is being added to an existing SONOS system take care to add to your existing system, otherwise you can set up a new system.


Stanley_4, Buz,

                          Thank you guys much appreciated for your knowledge...I'm getting there slowly and I ha e un- installed,re- installed the Sonos app to try all over again...Thank you guys , take care...