Sonos Arc, Samsung UN65KS800DFXZA, Apple TV 4K, DirecTV

  • 28 February 2021
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Have had a Sonos Beam, Sub (Gen 2) and Play:1s as surrounds for a couple of years. A couple of weeks ago I bought a Sonos Arc to replace the Beam.

I have a 2016 Samsung UN65KS800DFXZA, with the following set up:

  • HDMI1: Connected to DirecTV
  • HDMI2: Commented to a Bluray player but honestly, its really not used
  • HDMI3: Connected to Apple TV 4K
  • HDMI4 (ARC): Connected to the Sonos Arc.

On my DirecTV box I have the following set:

Settings → Audio Settings → Dolby Audio → ON


On the Samsung UN65KS800DFXZA I have the following set:

  • Sound → Select Speaker → Receiver (HDMI)
  • Sound → Expert Settings → HDMI Audio Format → BITSTREAM
  • Sound → Expert Settings → Audio Format → Dolby Digital

The DirecTV sound works’s awesome.

Now on the Apple TV 4K I have the audio format set to:

Change Format: OFF, so this sends LPCM to Sonos. I have also tried turning this to ON and then selecting Dolby 5.1.

For certain Apps like Apple TV+, iTunes, Disney+ I don't have any issues….the Tv settings still reflect Bitstream and Dolby Digital.

For certain HBO Max shows the above is also true.

My main problem is that for other apps like Britbox, Netflix, some content in HBO Max, I get no audio. Im assuming it’s because the audio isn't in the correct/digital format. If I pull up the TV settings the  HDMI Audio Format still reflects: BITSREAM but Audio Format has changed to: PCM.

What I’ve discovered I have to do as a workaround when something plays without sound is switch to HDMI1 and back to HDMI3. The content on HDMI3 (ATV4K) will have paused and when I press play the audio will work. It’s a bit of a PITA!

BTW the Britbox and apps work ok if I use the native ones on the Samsung TV, but honestly the interface isn't great so we prefer to use the ATV4K apps.

I have tried various settings on both the ATV4K and the TV but I can't find a resolution. I know the Sonos Arc should work with both HDMI ARC and eARC. There is no Auto or Passthrough setting on the TV. I don't want to have to keep changing the TV setting to PCM just for these apps and then back again.

I spoke with Sonos support on the phone but it was fruitless. I had to explain the issue about 3 times.

I see Sonos has upgraded the firmware in v12.2 to support LPCM via HDMI eARC, but no mention of HDMI ARC. Should that even matter?

If anyone has an ideas how to fix this, I’d be grateful!

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9 replies

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You are probably experiencing audio problems because your TV is only equipped with HDMI ARC and the Apple TV 4K uses Dolby MAT, which uses uncompressed multichannel LPCM audio that requires HDMI eARC. It’s probably best to leave the Change Format setting On and New Format to Dolby Digital 5.1 on your Apple TV.

If you want the get Dolby Atmos audio from the Apple TV and Sonos Arc, consider getting the HD Fury Arcana. This device will allow your media devices to bypass your TV’s audio limitations and send audio directly to the Arc. You would be able to get Dolby TrueHD/Atmos from Blu-ray Discs with the Arcana.

Ok I’ll try that tomorrow again and see if make any diff.

Ok so the LPCM requires eArc, got it.

I saw another posting about the Arcana a few mins ago.

So bottomline then I really have a few options:

  1. Return the Arc to Sonos and just go back to the Beam
  2. Keep the arc and get Arcana
  3. Keep the arc and get a new TV(!) with eARC. (I was looking at the LG 75NANO91ANA or Samsung QN75Q7DTAFXZA)
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Since you have a Blu-ray player and Apple TV 4K that both support Dolby Atmos audio, if you still enjoy your current TV, I would go with the Arcana.

I almost bought a new one around the hols but stopped myself. Thought I’d hold over for a bit. Prob will at the end of this year though. 
Thanks for the info. 

Hi GuitarSuperstar,

I should have said the Samsung TV has one of those One Connect boxes. I don't think pic 1 will work as the eARC out would have no where to go. Not even sure the second pic would work? If I have to get a hub then that’s another few hundred dollars so no point in putting that money into a tv that’s almost 5yrs old. 


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The Arcana works with a One Connect box. Pic 2 would be the proper setup.

I completely understand being hesitant to spend $200 on the Arcana along with an HDMI switch and new HDMI cables.

I ordered the Samsung 75” QN75Q7DTAFXZA from Costco yesterday, so we will see how that works out. The 2021’s are taking too long to come out!

Well the Q7DT arrived a few days ago. Sonos Arc is working great with it.

I have the audio settings on the TV set as follows…

actually it’s working ok if eArc is Off or Auto. I’m leaving it on Auto

whats ur recommendation for the output field? Auto or Pass-Through?
Honestly not sure I’ll keep this particular model as the 2021s are rolling out, plus Dolby Vision might be a slight advantage over HDR. Also this TV is a good bit thicker than the ks8000 (which is still on the wall as new tv is too heavy for that mount!)  


Exchanged the tv for a Q8DT