Sonos ARC placement

  • 27 August 2020
  • 1 reply

I have read a lot of the ARC and placement. It seems like to most people keep telling me that the ARC should be below the TV. But I can't really understand why? 


My TV (65”) is put on the wall 16 inch from the floor, the sofa is on the same hight so I get the eye view in center of the screen. 5 inch above the TV I have a sonos playbar. It works very well.

Now I'm considering the ARC instead of the playbar but is thinking about the placement.

Currently I have a media bench below the TV and drilled holes above the tv for the playbar to hide the cables inside the wall.

I was hoping that I could use the same position for the ARC or I will need to remove the bench and “repair” the holes in the wall.


The room is 8 foot high.



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1 reply

The reason has to do with the upfiring speakers that need to bounce audio off the ceiling and then to the seating area.  For a typical setup, this would mean that placing the Arc above the TV will mess up the geometry.  If your TV is 16 inches off the ground, than you are not a typical setup, which is around 3 feet off the ground.  In your case, it may be better to place the Arc above the TV than below.