Sonos arc lg b9 no longer connecting

  • 12 March 2021
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I have an LGb9 and Sonos Arc sound bar, for about 4 months there was no issue, the b9 and Arc sound bar functioned fine connected via eArc hdmi port (2). Then suddenly audio stopped working through the sound bar, suddenly 2 days later it worked again with no explanation and unable to replicate the results.

After that it was fine for about 2 months and this morning I turned on my TV and again no audio coming out of the Sonos Arc, but alexa and all other functionality is fine. I've factory reset both the TV and the Sonos Arc, re-set up and when I attempt to connect the arc to the TV via the app I get the following message(pictured below) . I've tried multiple hdmi cables to no avail. 

It feels like the same issue I suddenly encountered the first time, but I've no idea if it'll 'randomly start working in 2 days' again like it did before. 

£1100 TV and £700, feels like it's wasting my time and wallet at the moment. 


Any solutions? 





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9 replies

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Did you adjust your TV settings again after you reset your TV? Is Simplink (CEC) turned on? Is there anything else connected to your TV’s HDMI ports?

Simple link is indeed turned on, no other hdmi ports connected.


When this happened the first time I tried a bit of troubleshooting but I was so busy with work I didn't worry about it, just used internal speakers and figured 'I'd sort it on the weekend' then it randomly sorted itself. 

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Is the firmware up-to-date on your TV?

Try unplugging the TV and Arc from power for about a minute and disconnect the Arc from your TV’s eARC port. Then re-run TV Setup in the Sonos app and don’t connect the Arc to the TV until the app asks you to.

Tv firmware is upto date (according to the TV at least..) I've just tried the above and still can't get the Arc and TV to communicate.


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Does your TV have an eARC setting that you can disable? If so, turn it off and try TV Setup again.

It does indeed have that setting, I've tried turning it off but no luck still 

Also rather curiously, I've setup Google assistant as well and this when I ask it to play the radio I get the response 'sorry living room isn't available right now' could this indicate to a sudden software fault in the Arc? 

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I don’t know. Try rebooting your router and see if that makes a difference. If that doesn’t work, it’s probably time to contact Sonos Support.

I get the feeling more and more the Arc is stuck in some kind of software bug / boot cycle giving everything is now malfunctioning.

Thanks for your help pal, all seems very bizzare considering this isn't the first occurrence.

I hope sonos support don't try and fob me off with the usual jargon tech companies seem to...