Sonos Arc Home Cinema expansion

  • 20 May 2023
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Hello. I am looking to add to my home cinema set up and keen to get some advice from the Sonos community. I currently have a Sonos Arc and was thinking about adding a sub and x2 Era 300 speakers in addition. I was thinking about locating the x2 Era speakers either side of the Arc approx 1 metre distance on side boards, in a front left and right configuration and the sub on the floor adjacent. Has anyone configured / set up in this way please and if so what is your experience of the sound quality? Thank you in advance.


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That arrangement would probably sound terrible. The Arc already provides all the available front channels. Adding Eras as rear effects speakers needs them placed behind the listening position. 

Or, if you mean setting up the Eras as a stereo pair playing tv grouped with the Arc, there will be a slight audio lag from a tv source to the Eras, resulting in a kind of echo - very distracting.