Sonos Arc extra HDMI

  • 22 August 2021
  • 3 replies

Apologies if this is a dumb question but I have four HDMI devices and my TV has only 4 HDMI ports.  If I use the eARC HDMI port on my TV for the Sonos Arc I’m stuck with only 3 HDMI ports for my devices, correct?  Are there any good solutions for this other than an HDMI switch?  

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3 replies

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An HDMI switch is your best solution. Or get a different sound bar that is equipped with HDMI ports so you can connect some of your devices directly to the sound bar.

Or just use three devices instead of four.

That’s for the quick reply, that’s what I was worried about.  I’m already in the Sonos ecosystem, I have an old Playbar and was thinking about upgrading.  Maybe I’ll wait and see if Sonos releases a new sound bar with HDMI ports as well.  

So a sound bar with HDMI ports will just passthrough or will it act like an HDMI switch as well?


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A sound bar with multiple HDMI inputs will act just like a TV with multiple inputs. You will simply switch inputs based on which device you want to use. The benefit is the device directly connected to the sound bar can send audio directly rather than having to pass through the TV.