sonos arc dolby atmos

  • 25 September 2023
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Hello, I have sonos arc bass and 2 ones , perfect 5.1 .

i have recently sorted atmos via the arcana but to be honest can’t see any difference (hear)

my arc is below the tv and sticks out so the sound can travel upwards

whats the best settings on the app please maybe I’ve got those wrong?




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8 replies

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Describe your room setup. How high is your ceiling? Is it flat and without any obstruction? How far is the Arc from the ceiling? How far are you seated from the Arc? What model TV do you have?


Ok thanks

ceiling is 8 ft no obstructions and flat

arc is on the wall about 4ft high under tv

Tv is a Samsung 65qfam

seated about 2.5 meteres from the arc

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Have you adjusted the Height Audio level in the Sonos app?

If you have a Netflix premium subscription, try testing the film Roma. At around the 1:03:25 mark, you should clearly hear the trees burning/crackling above you for the next couple of minutes. Be sure you are playing the original Spanish language audio track.


Ah perfect thank you I’ll give that a go


Awesome thank you!!

do you know of any jets or helicopters scenes that go above that I could test?



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Top Gun: Maverick seems to be loved by Atmos users.


Thankyou I’ll have a go on that

Also try these: