Sonos Arc connection is lost on all services

  • 18 December 2021
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Hi Guys - so I have 2 zones in our Sonos setup

  1. Two play 1’s
  2. 1 Arc and 1 sub

I have Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio as services on the system, when I try playing any of these services on my Play 1 pair they play perfectly but when I try to play them on the Arc + sub combination they keep saying ‘Unable to play, connection is lost’. 

All the devices are on the same Unify / Ubiquiti network. Even when I try to airplay to the arc, it plays the song for a bit then stops as if it’s buffering. 

I have enabled Static IP for all the Sonos devices. 

Let me know what else I can do to fix this. Maybe my ARC is faulty?


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2 replies

There have been many threads regarding Unify/Ubiquity issues. Have you tried wiring one of your Sonos devices to the base Unify device with an Ethernet cable?

My initial thought is your ‘missing’ Arc is connecting to another subnet created by the way that Unify creates their network. Having your Sonos on the same subnet, by using SonosNet, might be a resolution. 

We need more information. Please describe your network in more detail. Which Ubiquiti devices are you using? What is wired? What is wireless?