Sonos Arc connected to WiFi but Sub + One SL's can't find WiFi

  • 15 January 2024
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Last night my Sub + One SL’s (x2) suddenly stopped working with my Arc. My system has been up and running without incident for 2+ years. No changes to my network or environment.

Support articles I have tried and did nothing:

Things I have tried that achieved mix results:

  • Connecting the Arc via Ethernet disconnects the entire system and no device can connect to the internet (tried disabling WiFi in app with similar results)
    • Reconnected Arc successfully to WiFi after enabling WiFi and disconnecting Ethernet
    • Sonos app cannot “find” Sub or One SL’s, but Arc is available and connected to WiFi
  • Connecting Sub via Ethernet reconnects entire system (including SL’s) with no input from me in the app (this is not ideal as I have to run a very long Ethernet cable)
    • Disabled/Enabled Sub WiFi via app, disconnected Ethernet with same negative results when trying to connect to WiFi
  • I can see all devices in my router’s LAN settings
  • Uninstalled + reinstalled Sonos app (android), no changes

Any ideas?


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If you turn off the radio in the Arc, what Sonos calls WiFi, then it will not be able to connect wirelessly to the Sub or Surrounds. Same for any Sonos, leave the radio/WiFi turned on.

Factory Resets rarely cure anything and can both make things worse and remove data Sonos could see in a diagnostic. Don’t do them without consulting Sonos support.

Do not connect the Sub or surrounds to Ethernet unless you are in a rare situation and have consulted Sonos support first.

You might try a simple refresh as a first step (you may have done this) power down all Sonos, reboot the router and controller. When they are back up power up the Arc and see if it connects to your Controller. Power back up the Sub or Surrounds and see if they connect, then do the other.

If you did the Factory Reset you may have to reinstall from the beginning, like it was a new system, as all your data, accounts and lists will be gone as well as the basic setup information. Power down all but the Arc and start by installing it, then add teh other devices one at a time using the “add new” option in the controller that is connected to the Arc.