Sonos Arc + Benq W2700 Blackscreen

  • 3 April 2023
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I have a BenQ W2700 connected to a Sonos Arc via HDMI. Most of the time I watch via Amazon TV Stick (the 4K version, if that matters) or via laptop (only with Sky X) connected with HDMI on streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney and Sky X. Unfortunately, I have the problem that every now and then the picture goes black, the sound stops, the projector then says something like "Searching Input" and the picture reappears after about 10 seconds and the sound reappears after about 30-45 seconds. The whole thing doesn't happen that often, I would say on average about 1-2 times per 4-5 hours of watching. Yesterday, however, I was watching something on Sky X with friends via my laptop and it really did happen every 20 minutes, which is of course not so much fun. The first 1-2 times the sound continued as described above, but after that the sound always jumped back to the laptop and I don't know if it's because of the Sky X app on MacOS, but I always have to restart Sky so that the sound jumps back to the source selected in the settings, in this case the BenQ.

HDMI 1 is the Arc-capable input, which is why the Sonos is connected there.

tl;dr: My BenQ W2700 in connection with the Sonos Arc has repeatedly short black screens with even longer interruptions of the sound.

Does anyone know the problem or could help me? I have already played a lot with the settings but have not found anything that could help.


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Hi @Honko Bronko, welcome to the Sonos Community.

From the described issue, it sounds like the TV is losing connection to the source and that’s why the screen is blacking out and why you’re seeing a “Searching Input” message. The sound taking longer to come back is normal, as it may need to re-establish connection with Sonos which is usually done when the TV is powered on.

I’d recommend you reach out to BenQ support, as it looks like the issue occurs with both your Amazon TV Stick and Sky X.

I hope this helps!