Sonos ARC and Sonos Sub but off brand surround speakers.

  • 16 December 2023
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I have a Sonos arc and Sonos sub. The house I recently moved into has two surround speakers (off brand) in the ceiling. Each speaker has two wires going to a single audio plug for each speaker. I want to get a Gen 2 Sonos amp to drive these but I’m not sure how the single plug from each speaker plugs into the back of the amp, which has two wires for right and left respectively. 

Also, will I have to wire the Connect Amp to the Arc and  Sub and Router with Ethernet cable for them to work?  I’ve searched for an answer to this and I haven’t found and answer exactly matching my situation. 


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1 reply

You’d need to either get an adapter, or just strip those cables yourself so they can be attached to the Sonos CONNECT: AMP. Of course, using old tech like that device requires additional effort, as outlined in the setting up Amp or CONNECT:AMP as surround speakers FAQ.

It would be much easier to get a new Sonos Amp, which could connect wirelessly to your Arc, as it has the necessary 5Ghz WiFi, which the CONNECT:AMP does not.