Sonos Arc AND projector cut out when switching between sound formats when using Arcana Fury

  • 25 July 2023
  • 6 replies

I recently purchased a new projector and a Sonos Arc when my last projector left this world.  

I got an Arcana Fury (based on a lot of recommendations in the Sonos Community) in order to switch signals so I could get Dolby Atmos out of the Arc.  The sound quality is fantastic.  But when I am surfing content in streaming services from Apple TV, the sound and picture are constantly cutting out before switching to the new signal.

Is this an expected experience?  It is borderline annoying for me, but my better half is pulling her hair out.

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6 replies

There are very expensive systems used by pros in large, multi-input, multi-display installations. Essentially there is a dedicated chipset for each input and each output, rather than one chipset that is shuttled between inputs and outputs. All of the inputs and outputs experience a permanent connection, no negotiations are required during an input switch. Negotiations occur during power-up. Plus, there are scalers available that can convert between formats. As far as the human is concerned, switching sources is within a blink.

In a sports bar application an operator could switch a developing play onto a large monitor. With our home kit, the play would be over before the switchover is complete.

Thanks for the replies GuitarSuperstar and buzz.

Sounds like my problem is everyone else’s too.

I’ll take your advice on turning off autoplay.  Good call.


I sometimes use a system with a TV, Projector, and A/V receiver. That projector is glacially slow at negotiating. As I switch sources (via the receiver) the TV will start displaying the new source in a couple seconds, then the TV or receiver (I’m not sure which) will realize that the projector hasn’t yet signed off on the new negotiation and the TV will black out and wait for the projector. After the projector is finally satisfied, the TV will re-display. There is a reliable control system involved and the operator only needs to touch one button, but it’s still maddening. Sometimes I think that I should go out for a sandwich while waiting. I feel for your better half.

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I experience the same issue with my Apple TV 4K and Arcana. One way to minimize the constant audio dropouts and “negotiating” is to set the settings on the streaming apps to not autoplay previews.

Another option is to use a different streaming device like a Roku Ultra or Nvidia Shield. These devices don’t seem to have the same dropout issues or, at the very least, they occur less frequently.

Hi Buzz.

Thanks for the reply.

I expect the handshake, but the video resolution never changes.

ArcanaFury doesn’t have the best documentation on their site, so I can assume that there might be a setting that I can change in the video source to lock it.  I’m just not sure if it would still go out during the handshake.

And as I mentioned, it is annoying, but I can live with it.  This is not really a negotiation for my better half.  ;)

How are you selecting sources? Is there a change in video resolution as you change sources?

While annoying, this is not necessarily a fault. When video sources, displays, A/V receivers, SONOS, etc. are connected, there is a negotiation with respect to copyright protection compliance and supported audio and video formats. During this negotiation audio and video are muted. Some units are very slow negotiators.