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  • 25 December 2021
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Just received the sonos arc. I am replacing a samsung curve ms6500 sound bar from 2016. My problem is the sonos sounds like utter garbage even compared to my ancient samsung. 


Theres no bass, depth, or i dunno how to explain it. It sounds tinny or metallic, empty. Does anyone know whats going on and how this supposedly unreal sound bar that cost me over 900 sounds like garbage?


The only thing im hoping is its my old samsung 55un8500 tv and crappy arc one connect box or something but im not hopeful. Im 2 seconds away from returning this thing but i want it to work.


I did go buy another tv , 2021lg oled c series and its coming in Tuesday so Im going to wait and see how it performs on a new tv vs a 7 year old one.  Tv isnt because of sonos arc, more of an excuse. I wanted it lol.


I dont have iphone and certainly not buying one as they are just as much money and lets be honest that shouldnt be a fix. Theres no true play android i assume?


Thoughts or comments? 

1 reply

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Hi @Mjb112975,


It’s unfortunate that you’re not enjoying the sound of the Arc in your setup. 

Your new TV may provide a different sound profile, but in the meantime, you can check a couple of things to see if it improves at all:


  1. Adjust the EQ settings on the Arc
  2. Toggle between Night Sound and Speech Enhancement on and off
  3. Ensure your TV speakers are disabled in TV settings - i.e. the sound is only coming from the Arc

If you had an iOS device at your disposal, I would recommend experimenting with TruePlay Tuning since that can make a difference in some setups. It doesn’t have to be on the system permanently, just for the duration of performing the tuning process.