Sonos Arc + 2 Era 100 + Sub Mini : Surround and vinyle usage


I had 2 Era 100 and a mini sub. I listened music with Airplay and Vinyle (jack adaptator).

i just bought a Sonos Arc to make a surround system. But it seems I can’t listen to my vinyle now …

is there any solution ? I’m a little bit disappointed.

Thank your for your help !


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When used as surrounds, the line-in feature on the Era 100s is disabled. You either need to remove the Era 100s as surrounds to re-enable the line-in feature or add another Sonos device with line-in. If the turntable is in the same room as your Arc setup, consider adding a Sonos Port or used Connect (Gen 2). If the turntable is compatible with Bluetooth, you could add a Roam SL and share the Bluetooth audio to the Arc.

Thank you for response, but it’s sad.

Yes my turntable (not Bluetooth model) is in the same room, if I understand well, with Sonos Port I can connect my turntable to the Sonos Surround ?

Or maybe, I connect the turntable to the TV…