Sonos, Apple TV, ARC & Dolby

  • 11 February 2023
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Is there a way to setup the sound bar with Apple TV without losing Dolby?


Currently I have the Apple TV connected to tv through hdmi ARC then I have the Sonos going to the optical port tv. Everything seems to work but I hate to miss out on so much function by not having the Sonos sound bar go to the arc port.


The Apple TV plays the video and then the sound goes to the bar through the optical port.


Also, can I add more than 2 surround speakers? I want to have 4. I bought them but seems like they can’t be used or added.


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8 replies

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Which specific Sonos sound bar do you have?

You can only connect two surround speakers to a Sonos home theater setup.

I have the arc

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I have the arc

The Arc needs to be connected to the TV’s HDMI ARC port. The Apple TV connects to any of the TV’s other HDMI ports.

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Why did you connect the Arc this way?

The Arc needs to be connected to the HDMI-ARC port on the TV. The Apple TV does not need HDMI-ARC and so can be connected to another HDMI port. 

Okay, I see what you’re saying. So how does the Apple TV then connect to sound bar?

The TV will rout all audio to the SONOS ARC over the HDMI-ARC connection.

Well, it does work!

I guess what was confusing me was that if Apple TV is on hdmi regular input 2 and Sonos is on hdmi input 3 Arc, I assumed I’d have to be on hdmi 3 for the Sonos to work. It’s smarter than I thought.


I figured out a workaround in order to add more speakers, it’s not true surround sound, but I just create a second location and play to both locations.

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ARC means Audio Return Channel. Where normal HDMI is designed to bring sound and images to your TV, ARC takes it from your TV to your soundbar.

Your solution will mean the “grouped” room will lag a bit behind on TV-sounds.