Sonos App Stops when closer to Sonos System?!

  • 27 April 2021
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I have 3 rooms with Sonos downstairs in my house (1 x Beam + 2 x One, 1 x One, 1 x Roam). The system itself always works fine, never had any drop out and Alexa always works. The app however constantly loses connection to the system and reconnects intermittently.

I did discover recently however that if I go to the furthest corner upstairs the app connects instantly and is stable.

I have tried the standard off/on again on my router and every Sonos device, but no difference. I also tried the app on IOS and android devices and it is the same on both.

I don’t have anything obvious that would be interfering with the signal downstairs, and as it’s the app not the Sonos system that is cutting out I’m at a loss! It does seem to have got worse since I purchased the Roam.

Any suggestions appreciated!




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5 replies

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Where about are you, by any chance are you in the UK with a BT Router?

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Where about are you, by any chance are you in the UK with a BT Router?

According to his/her profile they are in the UK.  The router question remains as well as are there any extenders being used?

Yes to UK and BT Router, no extender. The router is quite new, I was using Virgin before with no issues.


Thanks. I raised a compliant with BT. They tried changing the channel (which did nothing), then they said it was the firmware that is probably causing issues and there is a fix coming soon. Fingers crossed!