Sonos and LG set with the Sonos optical converter-no sound

I have the Sonos Sound bar (v2) and an LG tv with a optical out. I bought the Sonos HDMI to digital cable converter but I am not getting anything. The LG is set for optical out. What am I doing wrong?

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Which Sonos do you have? There are multiple Sonos sound bars.

Sonos Beam Gen 2

What kind of codec / signal are you attempting to send across the optical cable to the adapter plugged in to the Sonos Beam?

I am not in the know with the term codec/signal. I merely used a HDMI cable from the Sonos Beam 2 into the HDMI to optical converter, straight into the optical out jack located on the back of the LG per set up instructions. I DO have the sound options set on the LG set onto optical out.


Ok. What are the audio settings on the TV set saying for what you’re trying to send out via the optical port? What show/movie/etc. are you testing with? Which particular LG TV do you have?

For now, I am just trying to get the audio out from the LG that is originally coming from our cable box. Hopefully after that, a LG DVD player. The LG TV Set Model # is: 43UQ8000AUB

You, unfortunately, haven’t told us what the audio settings are on the TV set, or what show/movie/etc. That you’re testing with. It is entirely possible your TV set is trying to send a signal that is too big for the optical cable to carry. I’m going to go look up this model of TV, as well. 

According to, this TV has an eARC port. Why aren’t you using that, instead of the optical port?

I was using it for the DVD player. I did get sound after I switched in the Sonos, THANK YOU!!!!

Next I need to figure out how to hook up the DVD player. I tried a HDMI switch box but I LG did not like it. Have the time it said i had no signal from the cable box, so I pulled the switch box out of the loop.



Odd that this TV only has two HDMI ports, especially challenging as you have two input devices, and one output device ( the Sonos). 

An HDMI switch box that supports HDMI 2.0 should work for both the cable and DVD player. Which switch box have you been using? 

OZQ5 4-Port 4x1 2.0b Switch, 4K@60HZ 4Kx2K HDR


There isn’t any reason I can see about that switch that suggests it shouldn’t work. You should be able to connect both a cable box and a DVD player to it, and it to the TV set, and it should all work. 

Thanks Bruce for all the great advice. I have to go out of town this weekend starting today. I’ll try it again asap and let you know. Cheers

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