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  • 30 November 2023
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I just bought an Arc. It got me thinking about how I can build a surround system, so I found out about the Amp. I’d love to run this setup:

  Arc - no Ethernet, connected to a (slightly older) TV via HDMI-ARC
  Amp - no Ethernet, powering:
               2 matched Denon bookshelf speakers
               1 third party sub

1. Is this possible?
2. Assuming I can run the diagnostics on either an Android or an iOS device, can I get Trueplay tuning in this setup?


2 replies

All except the 3rd party sub.  When used as surrounds, the Sub out and line-in on the Amp are disabled.  

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Good question on Trueplay, you could certainly use it on the Arc and a Sonos Sub. Not sure if the tuning would be enabled when you added the Amp with non-Sonos rear speakers.

Trueplay is iOS only and not all devices and versions are supported. Sonos has a list in the FAQ.