Setting up surround system in a new home

  • 25 December 2022
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I have just moved and have a full surround system (Playbar, Sonos One SL, Subs) from my old home that I will set up in my new home theatre room. I have upgraded to an Arc soundbar to replace the Playbar. Do I need to factory reset the Sonos One SLs and Sub as part of setting up the system in the new location with the Arc?


Thanks in advance for any advice.


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6 replies

No, a factory reset should only be done at Sonos’ request, essentially. What you should do is un-bond the Sub and the surrounds from the PLAYBAR first, then power down the PLAYBAR, set up the Arc, and finally bond/setup the surrounds and the Sub with the Arc.

Thanks Bruce. I will give that a try.

I did it twice, when I replaced my two PLAYBARS with Arcs. Well, I had to plug back in the first PLAYBAR so I could do it properly. It’s much easier than going the whole ‘factory reset’ route on all those extension speakers. 

Just to confirm….when you say “unbond” the sub and surrounds, do you mean select the “remove” option for each? Thanks.

Yep. You’ll end up putting them in random separate rooms that Sonos decides…don’t fret. It will make it easier to add them back to the new Arc. ;)

That did the trick. Very straight forward. Thanks again!