sanus arc tv mount with su wl855 mount install

  • 23 August 2022
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Having a bit of trouble making sense of how to install this with that wall mount and could use some help. My tv is on the ground and I realize that the sanus arc tv mount has to go on the bottom holes before I mount the tv. The problem is the mount backer thing is only on the top and based on the su-wl855 instructions after I lift the tv and hook it into the mount, then I put the screws from that wall piece into the bottom holes of the tv.

Am I wrong to then assume that I will need 3 people to install the tv? As I will have to put the back piece of the su wl855 first then have the 3rd person screw into the wall bracket while 2 people hold it up? Thanks a lot.


also a bit confused on whether or not to use the spacer.


manual here for reference

4 replies

This may be a question better asked of Sanus, rather than Sonos? Unless that’s an autocorrect fail, and it’s really the Sonos mount you’re talking about? 

Was trying to see if anyone has experience here with this combo of stuff as I bought the mount here on sonos website but good point I’ll try to give them a call as well. Sony doesn’t have answer for me either.

Sorry I’m not of more use. Not sure I have any knowledge about those mounts. 

It seems that according to sanus it’s not compatible with Sony wall mounts the website really should change up their description