RMA one day old sub & received refurbished unit as replacement

  • 3 December 2022
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Purchased a Sonos Gen3 sub a couple weeks ago and received it a few days ago.  Setup the unit and noticed it wasn’t producing bass.  Tried factory setting, connecting wired and wifi and tested with various audio sources and nothing worked.  Contacted support and worked with someone for over hour going through troubleshooting steps and in the end they deemed it was defective and started an RMA.  I asked support multiple times before starting an RMA to confirm I would be getting a new unit since it’s basically brand new (a day old) and the said yes. 


I shipped my unit back and received the replacement unit today.  I received a refurbished unit as a replacement.  I contacted support about receiving a refurbished unit and basically told that I was sent a refurbished unit because they were out of new ones.  That’s not good practice.  I asked to start a refund as I didn’t pay the price of a new unit to receive a refurb within a week of getting my new unit.  Customer support told me I can’t return an RMA unit.  So now I’m stuck with a refurbished unit that I can’t return while paid for a new unit. 


Have others experienced this?  I would’ve expected better support from Sonos.  Had I known I would be given a refurbished unit as a replacement of a new unit, I would’ve just return the original unit for a refund.

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9 replies

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Hi @dm2325, welcome to the Sonos Community!

I’m sorry to hear you’ve had this experience and I’m not sure why the option wasn’t given to wait for a new unit to be in stock or to set up a refund instead.

I’d recommend reaching back out to our support team to discuss this with them and either request a refund or check if they are able to send a new unit instead of a refurbished unit.

As we aren’t able to offer anything on the community to resolve this, reaching out to support is the only way to proceed.

I hope this helps!

I’ll try again today with sales support.  I’ve try a few times over the weekend and support via chat wasn’t very helpful with this situation.  

After waiting on the phone for 1.5 hours to speak with support over the phone, I was told they need to look into this and to wait a few days for them to get back to me.  I don’t understand why this is so difficult to get a refund on my order.  I thought returns are supposed to be “hassle-free”.

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Hi @dm2325,

I’ve had a look into your cases about this with our support team and can see they’ve been escalated, so you should expect a response from our support team soon. 

I do understand this has been a frustrating process, and I’ll be happy to pass this along to our teams as feedback as that is the most I can do in this situation. 

I hope you hear back quickly on what the next step in the process is for you.

Thanks for looking into this @Jamie A .  I’ll wait for the response from the support team for next steps.

Still haven’t heard anything yet since my follow up to this issue.

Contacted support again yesterday and told to continue to wait.  I’m not sure why it’s taking this long to get this process moving forward.  Seems like it should be a straight forward return/refund process.

No one in this forum, unfortunately, works in Sonos sales/shipping/returns department. We’re a community of users of the system. Even Jaimie A. is a forum moderator, and doesn’t work in those areas. 

I had a similar experience. 

After close to 20 hours of troubleshooting by myself using the app over the course of  couple of weeks and at least 5 hours talking to sonos support - including them refusing to help further until I contacted my ISP to confirm the information my ISP provides me through the online portal (despite the sub not working over sonosnet; so not an issue with my network) they finally agreed to replace it. 

Never mentioned it would be refurbished. 

I did the advanced replacement, so they put a hold on my card for the full value of a new sub and now I have my broken sub sitting here as well as the unwanted refurbished sub, while waiting for customer service to email me the update they said they’d send 2 days ago. 

So I’m still without a functional sub and have an $800 hold on my card until sometime gets back to me. :(

Adding my comment here because people should be aware that sonos sales customer service is great - but once you own it, the service is below what companies that sell products for ¼ of the cost provide. The cost does not translate into a product that has any longevity, tech support is clueless, there’s no respect for customer’s time, and they leave you feeling swindled. 


I received mine as a gift - but I don’t recommend sonos to people who ask how I like mine. Too costly & too unreliable.