Researching Home Theater using Sonos Arc, Sub & 300's - Use AV Receiver as hub

  • 22 August 2023
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I am looking on purchasing a Sonos Arc, sub and 300’s for my surround sound solution soon.  I am going from your typical AV receiver to all the speakers via wires.  All my inputs go into my Onkyo AV receiver via HDMI and then one HDMI cable to the TV.

I was wondering if I can just remove the speakers from the AV receiver and keep my inputs in place and essentially use my AV receiver as my HDMI hub.  This is mostly because my TV does not have enough HDMI inputs.  I would then use a HDMI Arc connection from my TV to the Sonos Arc soundbar and then of course connect the sub and 300’s via wireless.  Would this work?

LG 60” TV
Onkyo receiver (can’t remember the model atm)

HD FireStick (primary source for TV - YouTube TV, Netflix, Disney+, etc)

Playstation 4

Playstation 5

Xbox X

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and input



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7 replies

It depends on whether your receiver can pass through the proper audio codecs from sources to the TV.  If your receiver was created before Atmos or the Arc audio standard existed, for example, then it may not be able to passthrough atmos audio or perhaps won’t pass audio to the TV at all. The user manual may give information on that.

You can also just replace the receiver with an HDMI switch.  These are generally pretty cheap, certainly in comparison to the speakers you’re buying, and will clearly state what audio and video quality they can handle.


Ah ok!  thank you for your reply.


Would you (or anyone else recommend a particular HDMI switch that is able to pass-through atmos audio)?

I found this one:



That seems fine to me.  Not sure what TV you’re using, but some have refresh rates of of 120Hz, this is 60Hz, which would work, but not the best your TV may be cable of.  In other words, check the stats on TV and make sure the switch doesn’t become a bottleneck.

I have used Orei and HD Fury products personally, and never had any issues.



Thank you for that tidbit of info.  Yeah, I am not sure of the specifics of my TV but I found the following that should have me covered:



I am updating info on my A/V receiver and TV:


AV Receiver:  (Does support and pass through Atmos)

TV:  (60 Hz)


So back to my question, knowing the above, can I use my AV Receiver as a HDMI hub in order to use it with an Arc soundbar, sub and 2x 300’s to have as my surround sound option?


Your AV receiver is probably fine.  It says passthrough of video but not audio.  Can you TV speakers play audio coming from the receiver now?  That would be a good indication that it will passthrough, although your TV only plays stereo.

It also seems that the receiver has CEC controls, which is how a speaker/receiver says that it’s HDMI-ARC capable, and other commands.  You’ll probably want to turn that off as TVs are known to get confused when connected to multiple CEC devices, resulting in no audio sent to the Sonos Arc.

And Sonos doesn’t play DTS-X or DTX-HD, so you will want to turn that off on the receiver.


I would probably try out the receiver, if the aesthetics of the big box doesnt’ bother me.  Get the Amazon switch and return if you don’t need it.


Thank you all for your input.

I pulled the trigger on the Sonos Ultimate Immersive Set along with the HDMI switch and the HD Fury Arcana.  I am sure that should do the trick and will be in surround sound heaven soon!!

Thank you all again!!