Replacement Sonos Arc Grill

  • 21 November 2023
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to get the grill replaced on Sonos Arc?
In short - i had decorators install a media wall, they mounted the Arc and didn’t cover it properly and as a result there are some faint smudges of paint which i want to either remove or just replace the grill.

I did cheekily ask customer service for an exchange as the Arc is less than 30 days old, obviously they wouldn’t due to the nature of the damage (which i fully understand - the person will not replace the Arc either so technically I am liable, which i get - this is not about who is liable etc).

I also asked cust service if i can send the ARC back and pay for a replacement grill, and was told that Sonos do not offer replacements (which i find insane for an org that manufactures speakers), and suggested i take it to a 3rd party supplier and in-turn void my warranty (which i wasn’t happy about - why would Sonos even suggest i do this? Weird).


So - in summary - does anyone have any suggestions of how to remove smudges/paint and the technique involved?

Does anyone know if it is possible to just pay for a replacement grill and where?


Thank you in advance :-)


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3 replies

SONOS does not repair units or make parts available.

I suggest that you have the decorator deal with this, or find a defective secondhand unit with a grill in good condition.

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Have the decorator buy you a new one. Give them the old one to sell or you sell it and give them what you get for it. 

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If you can’t get the decorator to make it right I’d consider a SoundSkin, cloth cover, that would conceal the damage.

I’d get the decorator to pay for that too.

Many color options: