Removing Play 1s and Replacing with Fives

  • 29 April 2023
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Hello… I would like advice on removing my existing Play 1 surround pair and replacing them with my new Fives.  I’d like them gone from the S2 app as well so there’s no confusion when I add the Fives.

Would I be right in selecting “Remove Surrounds” in the app to remove the Play 1s then, do a reset on them before unplugging? Then, plug in both Fives and add those to the Room the Play1s were in?

I realize this is remedial stuff for most of you but, I haven’t replaced a speaker in my system since I bought them back in 2014.

Thank you in advance.  Brad


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3 replies

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You don’t need to reset the Play:1s. Just remove them as surrounds in the Sonos app. Then move them to the room(s) in your home that you want them to be in. Change the name of the room(s) for the Play:1s in the Sonos app. If possible, perform Trueplay tuning.

Then set up the Fives in the Sonos app. After you complete the setup process, add them as surrounds to your Sonos sound bar. If possible, perform Trueplay tuning.

Unless you plan on selling or giving away the PLAY:1’s just Remove Surrounds, “Bond” them as a pair if you like, then rename their room. There is no need to Factory Reset them unless you don’t plan on using them in this system again.

Now you can power up the new FIVE’s and add them to your system. Give them temporary Room names. These names will be visible from time to time when you don’t expect it. I suggest something similar to “Sur_5L” and “Sur_5R”. Now add the FIVE’s as surrounds. The temporary names will be buried.

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Thanks to both of you for posting these helpful comments.  Once I carve out some time, I’m gonna get this done.  Have a great week and, thanks again.