Relocating/Renaming Two Sonos speakers to TV Room

  • 2 January 2023
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I have two speakers upstairs in Dining Room.  Rarely used.  I’d like to remove that whole Zone (Dining Room) and just add the two to the TV Room setup.  I have a Soundbar and Woofer hooked up.  But I’d like to augment with these two speakers about 10 feet back.  Not looking for anything fancy like Surround Sound or a fancy Home Theatre.  I simply believe they will be put to better use there and maybe enhance the sound when more than 1 or two people are downstairs in mancave…...


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Unfortunately, if you do group them in this way there will be about a 70msec delay in sound to the added speakers. That will sound like an “echo” to the sound.

I sometimes group my kitchen speaker with my tv setup sou I can listen to the audio of whatever we’re watching. There is a point where I can hear both speaker sets. Then as I move closer to the kitchen the speaker there dominates so it doesn’t matter. 


The delay is necessary in order that Sonos speakers can (other than this use case) create synchronised multiroom sound. 

Thanks for your quick answer.


 I don’t like the Soundbar.  Very poor for dialogue, particularly softer-spoken parts.  I’m about due for a new Tivo, but will be looking to use something else for the audio output.  Can I hardwire something in, or is that too old a solution?  I’ll take wires running across the floor if I can understand better, as opposed to wireless sound.  I just think there is a difference….. I want crisp clarity when I’m watching a movie.  Not a big deal for news or sports…. but movies is a different animal with this setup.


Sorry for the rant, thanks again nik....