Rear Sonos One Speaker height

  • 19 November 2021
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Hey all, joined the Sonos family today!

Beam Gen 2 and 2 x Sonos one SL.

The rear speakers are on my back wall which my sofa backs directly onto.

I have placed them about a foot above seated head height.

Is this optimal? Or would ear level be better?

Also they are on a shelf, should they be angled down?


thanks in advance 


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2 replies

Ear level is “technically” better, but you can try all positions, and see what works for you best. After all, it’s your ears that need to be satisfied, not ours. 

A practical consideration is the relative distance between a listener and and a rear speaker. A not so great situation is if the surrounds are placed on coffee tables immediately adjacent to each end of a sofa. A listener in mid sofa will hear balanced sound, while one or the other speaker will dominate for a listener sitting at either end. Even if the speakers are no longer at ear level, a more distant mounting scheme will minimize this issue.

Aiming the speakers at the listener usually has benefits. Some speakers significantly beam the highs. ONE’s have a relatively uniform radiation pattern. You can explore the significance of beaming (for you) by setting up the ONE’s as a stereo pair or simply use a single ONE, then listen at various positions.