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I have just setup a new router and much faster network. Unfortunately, this means resetting all of my Sonos speakers. 

So far that’s generally been ok, except the Play 1s (for surround audio) and sub connected to a Playbar. 

Resetting the Play:1s didn’t work until I added them via Ethernet, but subsequent resets they have been fine wirelessly. however - I seem to be in a cycle: set up the Play:1s, set them as surrounds, it all seems to work…and then immediately they appear to be missing in the app. I can play music or TV in the room, but it will also only play through the Playbar. When I look at the app, the speakers themselves appear to be missing. 

I have tried this several times now - and it seems to keep repeating. What am I doing wrong?

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Try hardwiring the Playbar to your router making sure you leave its WIFI enabled. Then try pairing the surrounds and Sub. They should connect directly to the Playbar

Have you rebooted PLAYBAR?

Note that when surrounds are added to PLAYBAR both of the surrounds and SUB (if any) become part of the surround Room and will not be visible or play as separate elements on the main menus.

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@Josh Newman_1 

You created issues for yourself. The next time don’t reset anything

Just keep the same SSID and Password.

  • Prior to turning off your current router and/or completely changing the router/modem (if provided new ones by the ISP) unplug all your Sonos.
  • Once the new ISP is connected keep the same SSID and password.
  • If using equipment (router/modem) provided by the new ISP have them set the router to use the same SSID and Password as was used before the change.
  • Make sure your device with the Sonos app is connected to your network (It should be if you have used the same SSID and password)
  • Plug in your Sonos and they should connect with no issue. 

What you must understand is that the Sonos gear is only looking for a WiFi signal with the same SSID and Password. Sonos gear doesn’t care what router is sending the WiFi nor who is the ISP.

@AjTrek1 good thought for next time, thanks!


@buzz - thanks. I’ve had it set up previously, so know how it SHOULD work. But straight after pairing the items disappear, and don’t play any audio. 

@Pools-3015 I’ll have a go if I can!

Just to use proper SONOS speak: A “Room” is a speaker or a “bonded” collection of speakers that operate as a single room. Two identical speakers can be bonded as a stereo pair and become a stereo Room. Two identical speakers can be bonded to a soundbar and this collection becomes a surround Room. After bonding with a soundbar two speakers can no longer be individually addressed. A SUB can also be bonded to the surround collection.

Note that a stereo pair of speakers cannot be bonded to a soundbar. If the speakers are bonded as a stereo pair, they must first be unbonded before added as surrounds.

I’m not sure what has been Factory Reset. I suggest that you refrain from Factory Reset without further consult. Do you have any additional SONOS units?