Ray sometimes starts playing music by itself

  • 31 May 2023
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I have a Sonos Ray attached to a TV. I use it as a TV soundbar, and also to stream music to over DLNA.

Sometimes, when the audio from the TV stops (either through being turned off or paused for a while), the Ray starts to play music that was in the queue.

I use Android (BubbleUPnP) to stream music to the Ray, but the app is closed and not running when this happens.

I have turned…

  • TV Autoplay ON
  • Media servers OFF

The Ray is connected via WiFi.

Any ideas??


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Hi @ed.j 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Sonos playing by itself is typically triggered by an existing Spotify Connect session with a Spotify app that’s been on your network. In this case, however, I have suspicions that it might be DLNA.

The next time this happens, please submit a support diagnostic within 10 minutes and, in your own time, contact our technical support team and relay to them the given diagnostics number - they will be able to tell where the command to play originated from.

I hope this helps.