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  • 17 March 2023
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Hello everyone,


I am trying to figure out how to set up my speakers with a receiver. I’m confused as to whether I need the Sonos Port or Sonos Amp. I have a projector + screen set up in my basement.

I have purchased a receiver, the Onkyo TX-NR696. I have an extra pair of Sonos One speakers and would like to use those along the back, and purchase the Arc or Beam for the front and possibly another pair of One’s in the front, as well as the Sub.


First, is this set up possible? I would prefer to avoid any drywall work or cutting to make this sound setup as work free as possible. How do I connect two pairs of speakers like that plus the sound bar and sub to the receiver?


Any discussion is greatly appreciated. Thank you,


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You don’t need a third-party receiver for a Sonos home theater setup. You just need the Arc or Beam for the front, a Sub, and the pair of Ones as surrounds.

You cannot add a pair of speakers to the front. The Arc (or Beam) already includes the center, front left, and front right channels. But you can add a second Sub if you want (as long as one of the Subs is a Gen 3).

Got it. But how will the sound go from the projector to the speakers?

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Got it. But how will the sound go from the projector to the speakers?

The Arc or Beam connects directly to the projector’s HDMI ARC or optical port. Then the Sub and Ones communicate wirelessly with the Arc or Beam.