Projector Challenge - Sound Disconnecting, Connect & Speaker

  • 17 May 2023
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If someone could help me with some tips I would be very appreciative…. my wife will think I’m a savior!


I just purchased a home with a projector setup in my living room. There is an Epsom projector which has an audio out line into a Connect which is using WIFI (smaller version), for video the projector is using an Apple Tv.


Whenever we use the TV we repeatedly have to repair the Connect into the projector and the Connect Amp in my media closet. Anytime we start watching, pause a show, move between streaming services, or if the Apple TV goes into sleep mode. Both devices are always connected in the app, we just have to repair them constantly!


Any tips?


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1 reply

Full disclosure: I’m not an Apple TV user. My thought is that you should set the Apple TV to stereo output. If the Projector has a similar setting, set it for stereo.