Problems with Beam Gen2

  • 15 January 2023
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I Bought a Beam which was so problematic so Sonos gave me a new one 😃

The new one is falling out when I'm using it as a speaker streaming radio.

It is impossible to get it back in any other way than take out the power cord.

Anything I can do?









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5 replies

Note this is a Sonos user community. The fact your  issues have now happened with two devices tends to infer the issue may perhaps lie elsewhere - however you need to provide more detail about your setup and local network, before any suggestions can be made. Some info that would assist here includes…

  • What is the Beam connected to (wired and wireless)
  • What is your network topology - include make of router, WiFi channels in use, switches, access points etc.
  • What audio sources are being played, from which Service (MSP} & App.

Alternatively, you could go back to Sonos Support Staff and explain the issues you’re facing. You can re-contact them via this LINK.


My configuration is as follows:

Mesh network connected to a router/modem with fiber to the house.

The main mesh accesspoint is 25 cm away from the beam

The beam gen 2 is connected to a sub, gen 3

I have also a One gen 2 in the kitchen.

The beam and One is normally grouped together,  but the One never falls out. 

Firmware is up to date, so is the app..

I used to have the One in the livingroom, before I bought the Beam.

There was no problem with the One there…





I suspect the primary mesh access point is too close to your Beam - I would move it at least one metre away and IF it’s also acting as your router, then  cable the Beam to that primary hub too.

If the Primary mesh hub is not the router then do not cable it - but, from what you describe it is far too close to your Beam, so moving it away is the priority, I believe.

You may also find this thread helpful - Sonos on WiFi Mesh

Ok, I will try that!

Thanks a lot ;-)