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Hello, I will try to expose my problem, I have a router asus RT ax88u Pro with beta firmware that allows to create a pro guest network (see screenshot) .I have a sonos beam (gen 2) and 2 sonos one in surround . And when I activate the guest network (VLAN) the Sonos One in surround does not reconnect to the wifi network and no longer works and when I disable this guest network all work again. On the other hand the sonos beam works in my 2 cases. I also have a Sonos Play 3 in another room that also works when the guest network is enabled.

I am French so sorry for this translation.



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Hi @MasterChief27, welcome to the Sonos Community!

Without having a diagnostic or looking into the system, it’s hard to tell what exactly has gone wrong here. However, if this issue occurs when activating the guest network, then I feel it would be safe to say the issue is with that option.

When the Sonos Ones are showing as not connected, if you reboot them by powering them off for around 1 minute, does that resolve the issue? I’d recommend following our support article for products that are showing as Not Connected in the Sonos app.

If the steps above don’t help, I’d suggest submitting a diagnostics while the speakers are showing as not connected and reaching out to our support team for further assistance.

I hope this helps!

Hello and thank you for your answer . I just tried to activate the guest network and only one of the sonos does not reconnect. the report number is n°889518661.
I disconnected for 1 minute with the guest network still activated and still the same problem. the report number for this trial is 200428657.
I deactivate the guest network and the 2 sonos one in surround reconnect automatically and in order to assess the differences the report number is 264938303.
i hope this helps.thank you

I just updated the sonos system. the 1 only does not want to reconnect and the report numbers is 1130683613

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Hi @MasterChief27,

I’ve had a look into the diagnostics and can see you’re running into a DHCP Proxy Failure. This means that the Home Theater surrounds aren’t able to receive an IP address from the router and aren’t connecting to the system.

Usually rebooting will resolve this issue, but as you’ve already performed that step and it hasn’t fixed it, then our other options are wiring the Beam and testing if that can resolve the issue or not using the guest network option on your Router.

This definitely seems like an issue with the router’s guest mode option,  especially since it looks like it’s a beta feature. I would recommend feeding this back to Asus so they can investigate and resolve this issue.

If you’re still having issues with the speakers not connecting, then I’d suggest a full system reboot by powering off the Router → Sonos Speakers → Controller running the Sonos app, for 30 seconds to 1 minute in that order.

I hope this helps!