Please help! Epson 5050ub/HDMI Matrix/Beam+surrounds

  • 26 August 2023
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Hi. I feel like I’ve scoured the earth and read every article and forum posting there is on the planet. I really want to utilize my Sonos system because I love Sonos.

- Projector: Epson 5050ub (no built-in ARC)

- Sonos: Beam Gen 1, plus One SL surrounds (planning to buy a Sub later)

- HDMI Matrix: Brand AV Access, has ARC and optical.

- Apple TV 4K, XBOX X


  • Can’t do TV Setup in the Sonos app
  • Can play audio from Apple TV but only via Airplay. Can’t use Apple TV remote to control volume. 
  • Can’t play audio from XBOX whatsoever. Have adjusted some settings, forced HDMI in XBOX settings.


  • How can I make all this work? Is an HD Arcana Fury required just for sound and Sonos setup?
  • Is a Beam Gen 1 even capable of this?

Any help is much appreciated. Thank you. 


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1 reply

Post a link for the HDMI switch. It sounds like it doesn't have ARC for the Bean to connect to. Most don't.