Playbar volume sync - xfinity xr15 remote


I have a Sony XR-65X90CJ, Playbar/5.1 setup, Xfinity X1 cable box with the XR15 V2 UQ remote.  Hang with me while I lay this out!

The cable box recently died and needed to be swapped.  Prior to that everything was behaving it seemed.  When i set up the new box and remote, I noticed an old problem had returned.   The volume control on the remote is topped out at 100 and is hardly loud enough (the TV is set to audio system output, optical cable output is fixed on this TV).  When I had this issue years ago with an earlier Sony TV, I discovered that the Sonus app had the volume set very low and sliding it up allowed more relative volume.  But it was a constant problem which I seem to recall was fixed by setting the OLD Sony TV’s optical output to fixed… but as noted, this newer TV already has a static setting to fixed optical output.   

But i went to the Sonus IOS app (which frankly, once that initial problem was solved, I hadn’t looked at for perhaps years).   Log in….  Can’t find my system, can’t find my components.   Soooo..   I did a full wipe and setup again.   I now  (again) have a recognized 5.1 system.   Sound works…. But.  I have the old sound control synch problem back.  And the Xfinity remote mute button is kind of flaky. 

 Any ideas much appreciated.  I have no idea how a simple swap of the cable box screwed thugs up.  

BTW. I only use the Sony’s remote when I need to get to the Sony’s controls/settings or to stream from an app that does not exist on the X1 platform, but does on the Android TV platorm… (I’m looking at you PBS!).  And even then, once started control the volume (or I USED to) with the Xfinity remote.  Thanks in advance

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I’m not sure what you mean by ‘old sound control synch problem’, but it sounds a bit like the new cable box has a slightly different command process / structure than the old one did, and your PLAYBAR’s setup would have been erased when you did the wipe. It sounds like you just need to go through the ‘add a remote’ process so your PLAYBAR recognizes the new IR…and of course, make sure that the new remote is actually using IR, and not Bluetooth, or RF, or WiFi. 


Bruce - thanks.  What was odd is that the Sonos app could no longer find my system.  I believe i’ve figured most of this out.  I needed to set the TV’s Volume Offset to Maximum.   

Now I have to figure out why the mute toggle (on  Xfinity remote) seems reversed.  When it's muted, the onscreen volume pop-up shows it as not muted, and vice versa.


Appreciate you wading through my probably too noisy problem description!