Playbar IR Sensors, Samsung TV and Smart Remote Issue

  • 24 March 2023
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I have a Samsung TV that sends an IR signal for volume control out to the room. It has worked flawlessly for years, including 3 years in it's current house and set up. About 2 months ago, it stopped working unless I stand up in front of the TV to reflect the IR back to the IR sensor. While sitting, or off to the side, it no longer works. Sonos said that set up was not supported, they only support an IR remote, and that it might work for years and then stop, which it did.

Anyone else have a similar setup, have a similar issue and find a solution for it?


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2 replies

Have you tried new batteries?

Frankly, I don’t understand the Sonos response, as long as the remote has been set up for use as an IR remote, it should be working. 

I’d double check that it’s still set up for using IR, though. I’ve seen updates to the TV set’s firmware that have switched off the IR function, so it still communicates with the TV set, but no longer sends an IR signal…..but that seems like an unlikely thing, since you’re saying it works on the Sonos if you stand up in front of the TV. So I’ll stick with my “batteries” suggestion :)

I had changed the batteries with no luck, as well as reconfigured the remote as Bose, Panasonic, Sonos, etc. with the same result, it worked, but only if I stood there to bounce the signal off.  Weird.  But I did just find this post that seems to have fixed it.  The extra step of doing the power test, saying it didn’t work, redoing the power test and then saying it worked, seems to have worked.  No idea why, maybe it cycles the type of remote, or signal or something…?  But I’ll link the solution that seems to have worked in case someone else comes across this post.