playbar grouping with sonos one and submini

  • 21 January 2023
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I have 4 play one and 1 playbar . Recently upgraded to 2 Sonos one and a sub mini and disconnected my existing play one 

I tried to group the playbar with Sonos one and sub mini to get a 5.1 but it’s not working . 
I have grouped Sonos one and sub mini as one unit and playbar as another. 
everytime I pay Tv or music I try to group the two but it’s not working . Only playbar works and it plays only on playbar how to rectify this


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To get a better impression of what your problem is, lets get the Sonos lingo straight. The Sonos system is set up dividing speakers or fixed (surround or stereo) sets of speakers into Sonos “rooms”. These rooms can be “grouped”.

To start a surround “room” you add speakers and/or sub(s) to the soundbar, see You state this is “not working” for you. Where exactly does it go wrong for you in the prescribed steps?

It does look like you’ve made a Sonos One + Sub Mini room and a Playbar Room. If you want to set these up in a surround room you must separate them first.

Ending with a question: do you really want to use the One’s as surround, while hanging on to the Play 1’s? Because the Play 1’s can be used as surround too. The only advantage of using two One’s in a surround set up is that one of them can be used for voice commands. Are you planning on using them this way?

Thanx for an immediate reply . I have places all of them in living room . Playbar is in the front adjacent to Tv and beside that is sub mini . And 2 ONE’s on the back to make it as 5.1 . 
I have grouped 2 ONES and sub mini together as it cannot be grouped with playbar All together I guess 

this is what I understand playbar is old gen and Sonos one new gen . Is it why incompatible ?

I’m using S2 app is it why play bar is not able to group with ONE’sn submini ?

do I need to downgrade and use the S1 app to group everything ?

also tried voice assistance “Hey Sonos” not able to understand Indian Hindi songs !!! Using Apple Music as default . Can we use 2 or multiple supports like apple and Spotify 

Thnx once again

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You need to understand the difference between a physical room and a “room” in the Sonos system (visible in the app), as explained above. Do not confuse adding to a Sonos “room” with grouping rooms.

Since all your speakers are S2 capable this is not an S1/S2 problem. Have you tried my suggestion to unbond the One and the Sub Mini and add both One’s and the Sub Mini to the Playbar as explained here: ?