Play Projector Through Sonos System

  • 12 February 2023
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Hello, I’m hoping you can provide me with a suggestion for how to make my projector play through my Sonos system. 

I don’t have a Sonos product that accepts audio in, but I want to make sure I purchase the correct Sonos product that will allow this to work. 

My projector does not have any audio output let alone an eARC output. Therefore, I have to use an HDMI spitter that separates the audio so that I can pull the audio from the streamed movie (usually through Chromecast) to a speaker that accepts audio in. But what I would like to do is be able to take that audio into some Sonos product and play it through all my Sonos speakers. 

Is that possible, and will I need the HDfury Arcana, eARC adapter to make that happen?

Thank you for your help!


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6 replies

When you say “all my Sonos speakers” would this be a surround sound room or rooms throughout your house?


My system includes a few Play3’s throughout the house, and a connect amp with outdoor speakers wires up to the backyard, but specifically for this purpose I am hoping to play the outdoor movie projector through the outdoor Connect amp speakers and possible a Play 5, if that is what I need to accept the audio in.  Thank you for your advice!

Since HDMI-ARC is not an issue, there are simple (and inexpensive) HDMI audio extractors. Many of these extractors extract to optical audio and a further conversion to analog stereo would be required.

However, all SONOS Line-In connections insert a 75ms latency. This is usually enough to cause lip sync issues with the audio. With this in mind, any SONOS unit with Line-In will accomplish your goal.

Thank you for your help! I don’t think I should pursue this option if there is a significant enough delay that would cause lip sync issues on a projected movie. 

is there any way to avoid that? I assume there isn’t a delay on the Sonos setup like a surround sound. Why does in work in that application and now from a projector?


Thank you again for your help,


In surround sound, the TV audio is a hardwired ARC or optical connection, and the surround/Sub connection is a low latency direct 5 GHz connection from the soundbar to the surrounds/Sub.  This low latency connection is fast, so it can be synced with the video, but it's not robust enough to go through walls, ceilings or floors.

For music, a 2.4 GHz signal is used.  It's not low latency, so it must be buffered more, but it is robust enough to travel to other rooms that are grouped together.

Thank you again for your help and explanation.