Placement of my new Sonos Arc- I have high ceilings & a TV on a TV stand

  • 28 December 2021
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I just received my new Sonos Home Theater (Arc, Sub, and 2 ones).  I have an LG 65 OLED C9 that sits on a TV stand, where the stand is in the old school TV niche and the TV spans the front of the niche so that it is flush with the wall.  The bottom of the TV is at 19” and the top of the TV is at 51”.  My seating position is 11' from the TV at about 40” high.  I have 18’ tall 2-story ceilings in this room.  Because of the upward firing speakers I can’t put the arc on the TV stand below the TV, but I could mount it on the front of the TV stand below the TV where it would clear the front of the TV.  If I did that and had the top of the arc 4.5” from the bottom of the TV, the bottom of the arc would only be 10” from the floor.  Alternatively, I could mount the arc above the TV.  If I mount it 5” above the TV, the bottom of the Arc would be at 56”.  Any recommendations are greatly appreciated.


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2 replies

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Unfortunately, because of the height of your ceiling and seating distance from the TV, you probably won’t hear any height channel effects from the upward firing drivers when watching Dolby Atmos content regardless of where you decide to place the Arc. So I would take the upward drivers out of the equation.

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For below the TV, if you swapped the stand your TV sits on now for a Sanus it would allow you to move it up enough for the Arc to sit below the screen.


I’m not a fan of above the TV mounting but a Sonos wall mount would probably be your easiest option. I’ve seen a couple high mounts fabricated from aluminum angle stock. They were mounted to the TV’s ISO mounting holes and extended up to where the sound-bar could be screwed to them. No clue how that would work for ATMOS but it would have to be better than below.