Panasonic (ARC) + Firetv stick 4k Max + sonos beam g2 + 2xSymfonism

  • 26 June 2022
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I thank that something is not ok with my setup. 

so when im using native Netflix app from my tv everything is perfect (i got dolby dogital 2.0 oraz 5.1 ) 


When there is stereo (dolby digital 2.0 oraz stereo pcm) i can hear some sounds from satelites (symfonisks)


but when im watching same movie (that is not 5.1 but stereo only) VIA netlix (Firestik) at the app is always (dolby digital 5.1) and i cant hear any sound from satelites


everything is perfect with movies that have 5.1 (working fine via both Netflix apps)


btw. At Fire stick settings im using dolby dogital (not best ) couse with best firestick is using dd+ that my panasonic cant use via hdmi arc and i was Geting only stereo pcm (with i could hear some sound via satelites)


just wondering if my setup is ok…




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1 reply

It will be hard to tell without knowledge about which specific Panasonic TV you have.

Given the frequent posts on these forums about challenges with Panasonics, I’m not overly hopeful that your specific model has the capability of passing a Dolby Digital plus or Atmos encoded signal. 

But as always, looking at the manual for the specific TV set to see what capabilities it does have would be the first thing to check. Just because it may have ARC doesn’t mean it’s fully capable, unfortunately.