Paired Surround Ones, Tinny Delayed Sound

  • 28 March 2022
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I’ve had my beam gen2 since it came out and a Sonos One earlier this year. Got my second one and speaker stands and paired everything together. Movie watching was enjoyable, however music playback has been disappointing.


The issue is when playing with the “full” setting the speakers sound tinny and I hear light static, there is also a delay which is noticeable with any edm tracks. However when in ambient mode the issue isn’t present and turning up the rear volume the system sounds balanced and pleasant.


I contacted support, and unpaired and repaired the speakers, all sounded well when grouped up in both ambient and full mode. However once trueplay was set up the initial issues came back (slightly less noticeable). It seems trueplay has caused issues but I can’t seem to fix even with doing a third try of it. I am using an iPhone 13 pro max and did clean out the mics.


Has anyone else experience this?


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2 replies

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You could be experiencing WiFi interference. Unbond the Ones from the Beam in the Sonos app and unplug the Beam and Ones from power for a couple of minutes. Then reboot your router. Then plug the speakers back in and add the Ones to the Beam and test again.

Here are other solutions to try when dealing with WiFi interference:

I’m wondering if there is ‘perhaps’ an issue with the mic on the iPhone (I assume any cover was removed prior to tuning?). I would maybe try TruePlay tuning of the room with another compatible iOS device (borrow one from family or friend, if necessary) and see if that makes any difference at all.