Outdoor theater streaming from two different Sonos Amps in different locations

  • 14 February 2024
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I am setting up an outdoor theater with the intention of creating a 4.1 surround sound experience. Both front and back channels will be powed by two separate Sonos Amps connected through ethernet but in two separate locations from each other. One will be in my house and the other to our Gym that is 50 feet away from the main house. Both Amps will be powering separate pairs of JBL Control 25 speakers. My subwoofer is a JBL SB 210 powered by a Crown XTi 4000 amp. My subwoofer will be located under my deck and will need to connect to my rear channel Sonos AMP VS my front channel amp. My question is. Will I be able to get the same full cinematic bass signal from my rear channel amp as I would if it was connected to the front channel AMP. Or… will I only be getting the bass signal from what ever was mixed for the rear surround. I would like the full bass experience without needing to trench 50 feet of speaker wire just to connect my sub to my front channel amp.

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4 replies

There’s a problem with your plan. When powering surround speakers, the Amp’s subwoofer output is disabled. So you’ll be getting no signal at all from the Amp to your subwoofer. I’m afraid you’ll need to wire it to the front Amp. 

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And there’s no way to send “the full bass signal” to the rears when the sound guy on the film did not mix it in. When set to “Full” music will send all sound to the rears.

Thank you both for the replies. I was afraid this would be the case. I just got my two amps in today so this saves me the time of trouble shooting to find out if it would even work. I’m going to either rethink my subwoofer placement or start digging. thanks again.

There are some wireless analog audio extenders that will probably be able to send bass to your woofer. 50 feet is within reason, however, make sure that the wireless system has low latency.