Optical Switch Problems

  • 18 November 2020
  • 2 replies

Good Morning 

Im looking for some advice I recently bought a optical switch for my Sonos Beam so I could hardwire my devices straight to beam as was getting really bad lip sync problems on my Sky Q. 

The switch has worked for Lip Sync issues & everything is in sync now, though I am getting really bad electrical interference when viewing now. Examples when lighting gas hobs on cooker, boiler kicking in, light switches turning on. Is cutting the sound out though it is only for a small amount of time becoming really frustrating. 


I have tried bypassing the switch & the electrical interference stops. Has anyone got any ideas how to stop interference if using switch or how to sort lip sync issue out so I don’t need to use switch. 

My set up

Sonos Beam connected to router via Ether.

Lg Tv 

Sky Q


Nintendo Switch 

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2 replies

Clearly the optical cables are immune to EM interference, so it sounds like you have a bad switch. Presumably it’s an active switch, so if it uses standard USB power you could always try a different power adapter.

Thanks for the reply I  have two different switches & both are the same. This is them below.