Optical Audio Adaptor with other brand soundbar?

  • 6 August 2020
  • 4 replies


I want to try connecting Apple TV Optical Out to Samsung Home theatre HDMI ARC using Sonos Optical Audio Adaptor. Does that work?

Any Suggestions or alternatives?

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4 replies

Unfortunately, I have no idea what specs a ‘Samsung Home Theater HDMI ARC’ device has. But the Sonos adapter takes optical signals, and converts it to output on HDMI ARC. Optical, however, does not have the bandwidth available to carry any Atmos content, so you’d be restricted to only Dolby Digital when using any optical transmission process.

Thanks @Airgetlam 

Is it restricted to only Sonos devices? Or can work with any devices?  link for Samsung Home Theatre

Since Sonos does not own either the optical standards, or HDMI ARC standards, I’d assume it would work anywhere. But with caveats, optical is a one way transmission, as is the adapter. It will only convert from an optical signal to HDMI ARC, and not the other way. And as stated, the maximum signal it will carry is Dolby Digital, and not anything ‘higher’ than that. 

Not sure why you’d be wanting to use a Sonos device, though. Surely Samsung has a better suggestion for you? 

Somewhat related to this, but it’s been my understanding that HDMi-ARC required CEC communication between the two devices, for a handshake and communicate capabilities, etc.  Never understood exactly how that worked when you’re using the optical adapter.  It could be that the adapter mimics CEC communication in some way, which may or may not work with non-Sonos speakers/receivers.  It could also be that the audio is transmitted in an non-ARC standard way that Sonos products know how to read, but other devices do not.


If you have the adapter already, I’d try it.  If not, then I imaging there is some other audio input on the Samsung that makes more sense.