Onkyo TX-rz740 to Sonos Connect 2 for TV sound in second location

  • 17 September 2023
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Hi all,

I’m tryIng to use the Onkyo / Sonos connection to send sound from a TV to another room. The Onkyo and Sonos networks are connected via WiFi, hard wiring is not an option. While I can configure the system to play back the TV output sound from the Onkyo to Sonos Connect 2 and then to Sonos Play 1 speakers, there is one problem. There’s a transmission delay built in, causing the sound in room 2 to be about 0,7 seconds behind the source room. It sounds like a stadium PA to put it charitably. I have been told this is a digital delay (buffering) built into the system. Understandable, but drives me mad. This transmission delay only exists with sound from the TV (Sony 4K using HDMI Arc connnection to the Onkyo receiver). CDs, DVDs and LPs(!) all work fine. Ditto streaming & internet radio services.

On a previous (Onkyo) receiver I used the Tape In / Tape Out analog ports and had no difficulties with this. Anybody have a nice hack? The next step is to run cable and hardwire a different pair of speakers to the receiver and bypass Sonos. I can provide more info if needed.

Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Hard Charger, welcome to the Sonos Community!

The 70ms delay is built into the grouping feature of Sonos, this is so every speaker in the group play in time as the audio must first be sent to all speakers in the group.

As you have noticed with music, there isn’t any delay as all speakers in the group account by playing with the 70ms delay. However as TV must be played as it is received, otherwise the picture on the TV would be ahead of the audio, you’ll notice a delay on any rooms you group with the Sonos device you are using to play Home Theater audio.

Since this is built into the system, there isn’t anyway to bypass it with Sonos itself. If you were to run cables to a different pair of speakers and connect them to your TV through your Onkyo receiver instead of through Sonos, you would bypass the delay. However, this does mean that you would only use Sonos for music, but this may be your only solution to avoid the 70ms group delay.

Perhaps another community member has more insight on what could be done with your setup, my reply will put your post to the top of recently active threads for more people to see. Otherwise, I hope this information helps!

Hi Jamie,

Thanks, I was afraid of this. When I had an analog output from the old receiver (Tape monitor) with the same Sonos hardware, this seemed to work.

With best wishes,