One SL will not join my ARC system as RS surround

  • 17 March 2023
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I have an Arc and two One SL's.  They were successfully setup with the OneSLs as LS and RS surround speakers. The RS One SL got disconnected and I cannot get it set up as the RS surround speaker again.

I have rebooted it several times and it comes back online it is in the room as a separate system and when I try to add it as the right side speaker the app cannot find it.

Super frustrating.  I have an eero mesh system set up as a bridge so I am hoping that at least is correct.

I am about ready to delete the entire system from the app, delete the app, and start from scratch by rebooting all three devices and building the system again.  I don’t care about losing the settings as we use the system exclusively with our LG C1 and i’m tired of trying everything I can try on this.  I just don’t want to go through the whole set up again only to lose the speaker again.

Has anybody out there experienced this and found a solution?



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3 replies

You can't add a single surround.  Remove surrounds first, then add them back.

I’ll try that.  Thanks!


@jgatie, I finally was able to get the app to let go of the LS surround speaker only by factory resetting both One SL’s and I am finally back in business.  It’s a very obtuse process with not a lot of help in help sections…  They might have mentioned that somewhere… Thanks for the tip!