One SL Surrounds Network issues

  • 11 February 2022
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Added pair of One SL’s to my Beam Gen2, no issues with wireless setup, added as stereo pair, etc... Beam Gen2 with One SL’s sounded great, performed great for about a week then suddenly disappeared.  Noticed no surround sound while watching UltraHD BluRay, SL’s no longer visible on app or appeared in system.  Went through EVERY support article, every troubleshooting tip available,  After hours of zero progress decided to factory reset One SL’s and start over.  App detected SL’s went through setup again. Setup fails at ‘connecting to wireless network’ stage. No changes were made to network, router rebooted, app and device restarted, all other devices including Beam working with no issue. Even went as far as resetting router (Verizon FIOS G3100 tri-band) back to factory and recreating my entire wireless network, new SSID, pw, etc… used ‘manage networks’ on app to update products, Beam located and updated to new network with no issues.  Tried to then re-add One SL’s, app, triggers audio ping, locates SL’s attempts to add but eventually times out and SL’s again fail to connect to wireless network and cannot be added to system.  Factory reset both SL’s again, contacted Sonos support and attempted setup on each via ethernet cable.  Complete setup and confirmed that each has been added to system.  Removed ethernet, power cycled One SL’s and placed them back in position.  After SL’s come back up neither will connect to wireless network, once again not visible in app under system, only Beam 2.  Considered running flat cat 6 under carpet but defeats the purpose if only works when physically connected.  I eliminated wired system (PolkAudio 7.1, Pioneer Elite) for Sonos after moving to smaller place.  Giving one more attempt this weekend but fully prepared to return.  Beam sounds great on its own but its getting returned as well if i can’t get surrounds to cooperate.  Cannot imagine I’m the only one with this or similar experience based on the number of ‘wireless issues’ threads… any thoughts before I throw in the towel?

Also considered adding a Boost but the SL’s are less than 12ft from router and connected/performed flawlessly for the first week or so...


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6 replies

Is there a wired Sonos component? Have you disabled the WiFi on any units?

Hey Ratty - No wired Sonos components. Beam 2 only other product, wireless and working normally.

So everything works fine if you run Ethernet to the Beam? It sounds like it if you got the One SLs added in wired setup.

In the fully wireless setup do the One SLs get an IP address from the router when they boot? If so you should see lease info for them in the router config, along with the Beam’s.

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Hi @ChrisAd 

Welcome to the Sonos Community!

Are you still having this problem?

You mentioned a lot of steps you’ve tried, but you didn’t specifically mention rebooting the Beam by removing power for a moment. If you haven’t tried this, I highly recommend it.

Also, sources of interference near the Beam or surrounds could be the problem - if the issue persists, please submit a diagnostic and reply here with the number given, after recreating the issue once more. Thanks.

Hi Corry -

Thanks for the reply. I was able to get this resolved by running ethernet cable to the SL’s, adding them back to the system, adding back as surrounds once again.  Once the SL’s were communicating with the Beam and tested, I then ran through the update/manage network, moved the system back to wireless and remove the cat6.  Now that I know what needs to be done if they drop off again it’s not a big deal and only took a few minutes.  The original wireless setup out of box was just as simple and I had the expectation that factory reset of the SL’s (since they were no longer recognized) would be simple and straight forward as adding them the first time. Why the SL’s could no longer be added via wireless after the reset was/is still baffling but not an issue moving forward as long as I know that I can get them back in or setup again quickly in the future, just with the one extra step.  As I mentioned, the setup is perfect for my current space and performs extremely well when dialed in.  I do wish there were some EQ controls accessible but not a show-stopper.  Eventually the Beam will replaced with an Arc and the get moved to the bedroom.  Thanks again!



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Hi @ChrisAd 

Glad to hear you’ve sorted the issue out, and thanks for updating us all here!

For future reference, it can sometimes help to add new speakers to temporary, fake rooms and once they’re set-up and ready to go, reconfigure them to be surrounds.

I suspect electromagnetic interference near the Beam or SLs is the problem, because it nearly always is.