One SL: Knocking/tapping noise

  • 16 January 2022
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Hi everybody,

I have audio issues with all the One SL speakers I recently got. When streaming, I randomly get “knocking”/”tapping” noises.​​​​​​ Imagine you’re in a Zoom call and somebody taps their finger onto the microphone. Those sounds appear at the current volume. It happens mostly when streaming Spotify (no matter if via Sonos app or Spotify).

This occurs on all three Sonos speakers that I bought, all just before Christmas.

  • current-volume tapping noise
  • mostly on Spotify, sometimes on AirPlay

It does not sound like connection issues or buffering. Playback is seamless. Just a loud 

Support suggested to try connecting via ethernet, but that doesn’t help. I could not replicate it on Sonos Radio, but I don’t generally use that for streaming, so it might still happen there.

Would be great if anyone can help here. I do have the stuff on camera, but wasn’t sure that your guidelines on audio samples are. Does anyone else have these issues?

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4 replies

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Maybe try removing Spotify from your music services in the Sonos app and re-adding it. You can also try deleting and reinstalling the Sonos app, rebooting your phone, and unplugging your speakers from power for a couple of minutes and rebooting your router.

This is a pretty long-lasting issue that survived speaker factory resets, reboots, and a change of ISP contract :-) I tried with Trueplay enabled and disabled, WiFi and Ethernet, and of course made sure it’s not the songs itself.

It sounds like a quick shortcut on the speakers, if I had to describe it. Very loud, at present volume. No digital/decoding artifacts or alike. 

Is there a way to send audio samples to support? The issue persists and Sonos is an audio company.

There are *loud bangs* whenever listening to Spotify.

I’d be asking support, not the community. They’d be the ones to know for sure.